6a00d83452989a69e200e5503cded88833-800wiGrowing up I  started early with the “typical” nerd-activites : computer gaming , still amazed how many hours of gameplay one floppydisc could provide (1,3mB) and when I became a tween / early teenager roleplaying game started to make its way into my world. And from that time on I was sold to fantasy, science fiction and the social aspect of the roleplaying games.

Many evening has been spent in a basement room, around a table, with some dungeonmaster peering over his gamemaster screen. Dice in all colors and shapes scattered over the table, and stacks of rulebooks on the side.
Warriors, wizards, bards, thieves, monks, priests, cybersamurais, jackers, hackers, shamans, jedies, wookies, bounty hunters.

We had many adventures beyond the realm of the basement :).

Since then my “nerd” hobbies has taken different forms, including miniatyregaming and movie”geekdom”, but one thing is sure Boyz will be nerds untill they grow old.. and maybe even then.

(In response to Boyz- Boyz II Men, not so good memory of the 1990ts, but ork Boyz from warhammer 40 000 is a good one.

And on the good flow:  paperboy on Commadore 64 is a good one of the 1980ts – Boyz Be Nerds)

I had one friend who didn´t have a commadore (not including me – who had none), he had a atari..


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