About Frode


40 something beardy digital designer with a nerdy past.

UX and UI and webdesign fills the working life, and my creative side is one that is channeled into making userfriendly and webpages. I always have loved meeting clients first time and get to start digging at the surface og what they need and how to solve it. Design is for me problemsolving, and design is empathy.

Frode beardy nerd

Bbn site history

In this site there is no clear vision as you might discover, it started way back as a “bookmark” page for nerdy intrest. Then is has become a website experiment domain – for me to just play around with. As a placeholder for ideas, a learning wordpress training tool.

I did hope to get time to make something useful one day. To nerd-out- and make this a home for good content I could cultivate and curate for nerdy intrest. It still can be someday.

Untill then.. nerd on!

2009 version of the site
2009 version – lots of links